• Mar 10, 2017
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Trends In Window Treatments

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Windows are often a key design element within a room, acting as an anchor around which furniture is placed and offering priceless natural light. So, if you're someone who has previously put little thought into your window treatments, it's time to reconsider your tactics. But first, hear from Kim Kiner, VP of Material and Textile Design at Hunter Douglas, in our exclusive Q&A to find out what's trending in the world of window treatments. 

Are there any new materials being used in window treatments this year?

The most exciting new materials for window fashions are new textile directions that have even richer textures and innovative surface finishes with a glint of subdued sheen.

Hunter Douglas, Hunter Douglas Window TreatmentsThe Alustra® Collection of Pirouette®. Combining function with beauty, The Alustra® Collection of Pirouette® shadings offer refined texture and subtle sheen creating a captivating ambiance as sunlight filters into the room. 

Which color will rise above all others in 2017?

One of the most important color directions that we think will be important in interiors and at the window, is soft and sophisticated taupish gray. This is an evolution of the popularity of gray that is now transitioning to the influence of gray across all colors, but most importantly brown. 

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments, Hunter DouglasDuette® Architella®. Our honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design offers energy savings in both winter and summer. Choose from the largest selection of fabrics, colors and pleat sizes. 

What high tech touches will consumers not be able to resist? 

Technology has not only blended onto our lives but also into our homes and window treatments. The introduction of Hunter Douglas PowerView® has been enormously successful as consumers realize the convenience and easy operation of battery operated motorized window treatments that also provide the opportunity to customize the operation of their window treatments and increase the energy efficiency and security of their homes.

Are there any new styles emerging or existing styles that will be gaining ground?

The styles that we feel are most important for homes today are the following.

Warm Minimalism. This trend has been created out of the desire seek a reduced way of living that is soft and comfortable, exudes calm and serenity, but has impeccable design and an organic natural warmth.

Mindful Living. There is a trend toward restoring comfort in our homes and balance in our lives. So this trend creates a softer living environment with a relaxed aesthetic and casual sophistication. 

Everyday Luxury. There is a monumental shift in the definition of luxury that elevates the everyday with exceptional quality, unparalleled products and high-end design.

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